Am back Blogging

By eddieputera

January 25, 2009

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It might be the Tun’s interview on TV1 a few days back, it might be the cravings or it’s probably just the hormones ( or the lack of it ) is acting up on me again. So here I am blogging again after 3 months of absence from the blog world. 

I’ve decided wordpress would host this blog this time around cause I ain’t got no time to fiddle with the codes to have it on adiejin’s server. And owh, before I forgot, don’t count on this blog to have regular updates like before. To promise a weekly update would be a straight-into-the-face-bullshit from me, a monthly one would be a little more realistic.

I’ll start  with my cliche post today, Let’s do Anwarism. hehe..nah, he’s not worthy of my time. There’s only so much a man can bullshit and somehow I think War Brahim is running out of shit to bull…or shall I say, willing bulls that he can shit on…but then who cares.

This year the blog is gonna be more pictorial that wordirial ( don’t bother looking that word up, I just made it ).  It simply means that there’ll be less writing and more pictoring from me ( another word I made up ). Makna nya banyak posting gambar lah…ish…

Therefore, I’ll end my 2009’s inaugaral posting with some pics taken last weekend…Sigh another cliche post. Have a nice weekend and long break from work people…tara..


6 Responses to “Am back Blogging”

  1. Eddie….Welcome back…lamanya menanti eddie menjelma semula..

    Bertapa eh?…

  2. anggunnyer yg bertudung tuh…tahun baru imej pun baru. once a month celoteh pun tarak hal…wa tatak kesah punya. wa tau lu sebok anyam ketupat…eh

  3. salam,

    Lamanya menyepi . Apapun celoteh masih tetap menghiburkan akak . Gambar pun tak pe asalkan update 🙂

  4. lamanya menyepi.. ingatkan dah tak nak blogging lagi.. takpe.. gambar pun okay.. neeza sukeeeeee 😀

  5. Salam semua yg mengunjung.

    D..hehe me always around. tapi selalu meng’ular’ keh keh ..

    Akmal.. how you keeping ? UR dad sihat ?

    Pak Zabs.. TQ, saya lom ada masa nak menziarah blog kengkawan. Will try to do it soonest. Pak Zab sihat ?

    Yaz… yeps, u owe me ciggies, I owe you photos. Bilo nok buat BBQ lagi ni ? lamo tok keno kambing panggang.

    Sya.. tak per, lagi 3 bulan wa update lagi..hehe

  6. KakLuna…Nanti Samy Vellu pun buat inaugral.

    KakAni..bukan bertapa, bertapak.. hehehe

    KC..hehe..ayu kan bini wa. teruja wa.. tq tq

    Silver.. ok ok nanti lagi banyak gambar menyusul

    Neeza.. tq for coming in. will try to post more.

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