| The Coffee We Had This Morning |

By eddieputera

June 28, 2010

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Note : I have been blogging since 2005. Gradually went into self demise circa 2009. This is my attempt to have a go at it again. Hopefully in a different, much wiser perspective. God help me.

Without giving much thought, as soon as we wake up, we seeped on our morning coffee or tea or whatever else that we fancy. Little that we know or care to know that somewhere out there, that seep might be the last for some unfortunate people.

We care less about others, day in and day out, we wake up and off we go doing things that we need to do. We sped off at traffic lights driving our airconditioned cars, we curse at those buggers who crossed into our lanes, we cursed at the queue at toll plazas, we curse at them idiots who happens to be our bosses at work. And then we go out to lunch with another set of idiots who keep reminding us of our shortcomings. We repeat the cursing, sighing thingy on our way home. Then we spend the evenings watching Hollywood feel good, make believe sob stories on the idiot boxes, which has came a long way since the huge wooden boxes. We now have idiot proof boxes in all their LCD glitters.

And we repeat this until the day we die.

Reality check, life ain’t just about that. Life is so vigorously more colourful than the 60million colours on the LCD screen. Life is about what it is suppose to be about, life. Get out from our comfort zone once in a while. Walk the streets, cross that dreaded bridge and travel down that road we are not familiar with. Chances are, we might find something we need, courage. Courage that would embrace our sorry little heart, courage that might change how we looked at life.

Maybe the coffee would taste different tomorrow.